My Family as Avatars


✨This is my family as avatars! My mum, dad and me!

 ⬅️ This is my mum! She loves to bake!

⬅️ This is my dad! He loves to make everyone laugh!

⬅️ This is me! I love playing piano and roller-skating!

Hope you like my avatars!


Let’s look at Earth Day – Climate Change

I’m passionate about Climate Change affecting our amazing Great Barrier Reef and endangering fish and its coral.

Below you will find a Power Point presentation I have designed for you to watch.  I hope you enjoyed my presentation and that it has helped you learn more about how Climate Change is affecting The Great Barrier Reef.

Click below to watch my presentation:

Climate Change – The Great Barrier Reef

Adding Tables and Flag Counter to your blog!

I found these instructions useful and fun to follow – here you have a go!

You may want to know how I have put 2 images next to each-other in my post?

You may also want to add a flag counter

I have added a table with 2 cells and put one photo in each cell. If you cant see the button in the tool bar that allows you to add a table, go to plugins in your dashboard and search for tables and add an easy table.

Get to know me

Hi, my name is Rose!

I’m 11 years old and live in Australia with my mum, dad and my puppy named Scarlett. I love the colour neon orange. My favourite animals are dogs and cats. My favourite brand is Sportsgirl.

My favourite ice-cream flavours are:

Cookies and Cream 🍪

Coconut 🥥


I love to Roller-skate and do arts and craft.

A famous person I have met ….. is ….. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) who wrote me a note and signed my Harry Potter book.

Here is an acrostic poem about me!




Everybody’s friend!


I’m looking forward to trying new things in Year 6, like making new friends and baking new types of cupcakes.🧁

I’m a swimmer, dancer and dreamer!

Country of Focus – Cambodia


Attach an image of Cambodia’s flag:

What continent is Cambodia in?

Cambodia is located in Asia.

What is the capital city?

The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

Is Cambodia in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere?

Cambodia is located in the Northern Hemisphere.

What is the population?

Cambodia’s population is 16.64million.

What is the national language? Is there more than one?

90% of the population speak Khmer, the other languages also spoken in Cambodia are Chinese, French and Vietnamese.

What is the currency?

The currency is called Cambodian riel.

What is one connection Cambodia has with Australia?

On September 26, 2014, Australia and Cambodia signed an agreement which will allow refugees from Australia to resettle in Cambodia.

What is one interesting fact about Cambodia?

Archaeologists say that there is a massive city located beneath Mount Kulen in Cambodia.

List all countries that share a border with Cambodia including their location.

Countries that share a border with Cambodia are Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Commenting on other people’s post

From after reading other people’s post, I rated them in the following order:

Comment 6. I give number 6 a 1 because it is using text grammar.

Comment 1. I give number 1 a 1 because it is using text grammar.

Comment 7. I give number 7 a 1 because it was not detailed enough.

Comment 4. I give number 4 a 2 because the spelling isn’t correct.

Comment 2. I give comment 2 a 3 because it was too long.

Comment 5. I give comment 5 a 3 because it was too long.

Comment 3. I give comment 3 a 3 because it was too long.

Comment 8. I give comment 8 a 5 because the sentences are correct and also it has 3 sentences exactly.

Creating my avatar

The avatar I have created is of myself.

My avatar shows me with brown eyes, light brown hair, a grey t-shirt, a light blue skirt and wearing pink shoes. My avatar is happy because she is at the park, which is one of her favourite places.

Just like me, she is very nice and kind and likes to play tennis at the park.

Some of the challenges when creating my avatar were:

I found it hard to create an avatar of myself, because the hairstyle options didn’t have a hairstyle that looked like mine.

I didn’t have any other challenges.